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Cell Phones

& Towers

Mobile device forensics including cell phones, tablets and GPS. Location analysis using "Tower Dumps" / Call Detail Records (CRDs).


& Internet

Complete spectrum of computer and internet forensic services.


Distracted driving matters.  Work-place injury, industrial accidents, and medical malpractice.


Delivering clarity and resolution to a wide variety of legal matters and disputes. Experience working eDiscovery, Due Diligence, Employment, Family Law, and Intellectual Property.


Providing Quality Assurance, Technical Risk Assessment, Due Diligence, and Expert Witness Services. Experience working assaults, homicides, fraud,  sex crimes, and other criminal matters.


Established 2004: Providing digital forensic services throughout Arizona, and the US from coast to coast.

We have built our reputation on integrity, with compassion, due diligence, and the application of court accepted best practices. Our examiners hold electrical or software engineering degrees, and various certifications in security and computer forensics. Our objective analysis benefits our clients by communicating factual discovery in an easy to understand, and objective manner.

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Contact by phone for the fastest service at 480-460-8282, or 855-460-8282. Alternatively, use this form to transmit your information and we will contact you to schedule a free consult to discuss your matter. Please note that CompuFor is not retained until a mutual agreement is in place along with a retainer or authorization letter.

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