A Specialty Service

Custom configured laptops for Bonded, Incarcerated, and Probation clients.



Bonded & On Probation

Saves Attorney time and effort.

Facilitates bond and probation compliance.

Protects defendant's rights and confidentiality.


Saves Defense Team effort.

Reduces defendant management complexity.

Protects client confidentiality and discovery records.


With Legal Laptops, we make it simple. Our experts are with you every step of the way.


Motion Assistance

Need help formulating or presenting an argument to the court for the need?


Our experts can assist with drafting the Legal Laptop motion, and testify during the hearing in support of the motion

Set Up

No need to make a purchase or set anything up!


We configure and provide each Legal Laptop on loan. Each laptop is configured to meet the unique needs outlined in the user's agreement. We can ship or deliver


User orientation is available at CompuFor offices, or on-site (e.g. jail, attorney or investigator offices).

Each laptop is monitored by CompuFor LLC, Digital Forensics.


Periodic reports establishing usage compliance can be provided to specified parties (e.g. Attorneys, departments, or the courts).

Reports may include website and email activity, and laptop integrity assurance.



Pre-load laptop with case files

Eliminate Internet access

Prevent use of USB ports

Restrict website access

Disable WiFi and Bluetooth

Manage/restrict email

Control use of laptop applications

Limit ability to export documents

Digital law reference library

Court accepted documents

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